Best Institutes IELTS Training in Chandigarh – 9 IELTS TEST Myths Busted

Something barring you from pursuing IELTS training in Chandigarh? Due to the prevailing phobia of IELTS exams, people do start believing in myths that they come across. But in reality, they aren’t even close to the truth. You shouldn’t give a room to those false myths which stop you from taking IELTS course. This is because is the most structured and well-monitored English language proficiency test in the world that’s well-managed by the international body. There’s isn’t any space for flaws or fixing as you might have heard from rumors. Let’s explode the myths before they stop you from considering the career shift that could propel your career to new heights.

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IELTS Training in Chandigarh Achieving 7+ bands is Impossible Despite 

Heard a rumor that achieving 7+ bands is close to impossible despite IELTS preparation in Chandigarh? Well, that’s a myth. In reality, people have scored even 9 bands with proper IELTS writing Training, so 7+ bands isn’t a big deal. Just like other competitive exams, you need to prepare tough to make that happen too. Take a look around in your city and you would see thousands of people who cross 7 bands milestone and become eligible for applying PR/ study visa for top-tier countries.

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Non-Native Speakers Can’t Perform Better in IELTS exam preparation

That’s a rumor you shouldn’t believe! If you take a look at the past performances, you would be surprised to see that non-English countries, including India, are consistently performing extremely good each year. Even if you have a little trouble with grammar or punctuation, with IELTS Training of a month or two, you would be ready to crack good band score just like others in your vicinity. Scoring a good band score has nothing to do with native-level. Instead, it’s a matter of devoting full energy and time to IELTS exam preparation to get IELTS scores you wish.

It’s Pretty Easy to Cheat And Achieve High Band Scores IELTS exam

Cheating isn’t an option and if you do, there are chances you will be banned from taking IELTS exam in the future. Don’t fall victim to such rumors that could cost you a lifetime ban. Cheating is a crime and could lead to serious penalties that could shut down the options to an international career. Instead, put your best in IELTS training and get admission into best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh.

English Speaking Countries Are Given More Attention By IELTS Authorities

Not at all true! IELTS is a well-governed exam that operates without any bias. No special favor is given to anyone based on nationalities, countries or religion. Whether you take IELTS course in Chandigarh and then appear for the exam here or abroad, conditions will be same with no special favors.

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Relying Only on Previous Tests Questions is Enough for Good Marks

That’s not enough! Though you might see a similar pattern of questions appearing in your IELTS exam but there’s no guarantee that they will be in your tests or not. In fact, don’t expect them to be because every year, IELTS organization introduces new styles and questions which might not be previously appeared. You should have hands-on experienced in all question types that are mentioned in the curriculum with the help of a center for IELTS writing Training Chandigarh. Get yourself ready with IELTS exam preparation in Chandigarh to score higher.

 Every Country Has a Different Set of Questions IELTS Test

That’s a false rumor spread across. For your information, the IELTS test is same whether you take it here or you take it any part of the world. It has only two modules which are same in every part of the world, Academic test and General Training Test. Your test questions and curriculum will vary depending on which IELTS module you choose for applying. Other than that, questions are same with no exceptions, whether you are here or in the US. You should prepare harder and consider best IELTS coaching than believing in rumors.

 If You Get Bands Lower Than 7 You Have Failed In IELTS

This is totally a myth. In IELTS, there’s no such pass-fail system, so believing in those rumors is just a waste of time. Though some countries require you to have a good band score for approving your visa application but that doesn’t mean that less than 7 score band would make you ineligible for the visa. You need to check what score you need to have exactly for the country you are applying for. Devote your full-time for IELTS exam preparation in Chandigarh and the good bands will be eventually yours with proper IELTS Training! It’s a matter of planning out what score band you need and make a plan to achieve them.

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Your IELTS Score Varies According to The Centre You Apply From

That’s not true! Such rumors are spread among people by self-promoted pundits who possess a limited knowledge of the IELTS process. The IELTS system operates without bias with no special privilege to any specific center. So, the band score of a candidate entirely depends on his performance and not limited to a specific center. The more efforts you put into IELTS training and the promising band score you will attain. Select IELTS course in Chandigarh with a good reputation to help you prepare better for IELTS exam.

If I Write I will Get High IELTS Scores

That’s a myth only naive people get trapped into! For your information, each question on the paper clearly indicates the word limit. You should stick to that. If your word limit crosses over 50 plus words, you will run into the risk of losing marks. Also, since the time for completing each module is limited, better stay away from the urge to write more. If you are getting trained from best IELTS coaching, they would clearly let you know the complications of writing more than stated on IELTS paper. This is why IELTS Writing Training Chandigarh is a must to help you undergo rigorous IELTS preparation to better understand the consequences of exceeding word limits.

The Final Takeaway

While taking IELTS training, you will come across dozens of myths but watch them out to make your IELTS journey successful.  Show the gossip mongers that best IELTS coaching  could help you achieve the bands you wish. Instead of wasting time believing on those rumors, you should emphasize more to give your career a promising twist. The world awaits to hear good band scores from you, show them what you have got!

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